Tooling and masking is an in-house specialty at Craddock Finishing Corporation. Our ability to create unique, custom tooling and masking solutions is one thing that sets us apart. The most important outcome is that your final product looks and performs as expected. That’s why we take extra care to ensure our finishing processes are precise, repeatable, and reliable.

We use part specific tooling and masking for projects that either have strict finishing specifications or intricate and detailed masking requirements. It is also preferred for high-value products and products that would be expensive to refinish. Investing in custom, permanent tooling can shorten lead times, improve consistency, decrease piece price, and increase production capacity for future runs.


    In addition to finishing your product, we have decades of experience with minor subassembly processes that streamline your supply chain, allowing us to provide you or your customer with a part that’s ready for use. This includes installing everything from bushings, to magnets, to threaded inserts. By combining the finishing and subassembly services, our customers see the added benefits of having a turnkey supplier who is capable of handling more than simply the paint application.

    When you outsource these services to an experienced supplier like Craddock Finishing Corporation, your business can keep its focus on its core competencies, knowing that the final product will meet or exceed your needs and specifications. We are equipped to be your preferred provider and hope to collaborate with your business to determine the best approach for finishing your product.